Be a Practitioner
of Ambition

Become one of the leading players in the film entertainment industry.
To use high-quality cultural entertainment products based on public aesthetic values as a medium to promote the globalisation of cultural entertainment and to connect with the spiritual zeitgeist.
Devotion —— Encourage mutual growth and development for both employees and the company itself by allowing employees to realise their personal values as they dedicate themselves to their work and strive to achieve their target results.
Trust —— Enhance company development by promoting efficient operation, harmonising the atmosphere in the company, and supporting each member of the team to develop trust and good working patterns.
Love —— Encourage a sense of achievement and pleasure in employees as they seek self-improvement based on their love of their work, allowing them to fully use their initiative, imagination, and creativity.
Share —— Share knowledge, experience, and ideas; share life, learning and happiness. Develop a sense of belonging, pride in good work, and a happy work life, thus opening employees’ minds to the development of good working relationships both between employees and between those employees and the company.

Be a Creator
of Value

Siming Lin
Associate Producer
I have worked for Er Dong Pictures for four years, during which I have witnessed its development and growth from a rank newcomer to an industry award winner. Lives with films are so much better that even one day is better than a hundred years without. At Er Dong Pictures, employees are given the freedom to innovate and learn, to push the envelope on development related to films, and to look for good content, potential collaborators, and high-quality film opportunities anywhere they can find them. We thus not only harvest valuable experience but also grow as a team as we complete further successful film and TV projects.
Jennifer Sun
Artist Publicity
It seems like no time at all, but I have been at Er Dong Fine Star for one year. Thanks to the development of the company, I have developed from publicising celebrities’ basic activities to managing the publicity of complete projects. As Fine Star has grown, the work environment has become even warmer, and the employees here are like a family. I like the busyness and warmth of the company. Although my responsibilities are growing along with my abilities, I am glad for the chance to improve, and I hope to continue to develop as the company develops.
Helen Jiao
production manager
I get along well with my colleagues now instead of being unfamiliar with them, and my work environment is equipped with improved facilities, a stark contrast with the emptiness of the first offices we had at the beginning. During my year at Er Dong Pictures, I have been lucky to join in several events crucial to the company’s development. Although I have gone through hardships that required persistence and effort during several film projects with my team, I enjoy both the work and the results. I will remember the times when we collaborated together and completed projects in the face of overwhelming odds forever.
Jing Li
Cinema Management
The construction management of cinemas, as with investment in films and film production, is closely linked to the operation of multiple departments and branches. Er Dong’s vision and persistence are consistent throughout the company, acting in the same way loyalty and filial piety do for home and country, and serving the function blood does for the family bond. To borrow a sentence from Qian Zhongshu, an author I like, “The charm of film is like a besieged city: outsiders want to go in, but insiders want to go out. But I will always stay in the city of film, never going out”.
Bingjian Liu
General Manager of Super Sonic
As time has passed and hardships having been overcome, Super Sonic has grown from nothing and mirrored the development of the industry, having passed through the hardships of entrepreneurship and broken new paths for young VR filmmakers. In the coming years, we will continue to break open ways through the brambles and thistles to extend these victories further.

Be an Enjoyer
of Life

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