Talent Representation
To generate trends cased on a forward-looking perspective and to expand the market by means of professional operations, the Group aims to explore a new talent representation ecosystem.
  • Professionalism
    The aim is to cultivate outstanding young talents and provide full-service brokerage services.
  • Forward-looking
    The firm’s resources in the industry will be used to create an talent training base.
  • Uniqueness
    Extensive cooperation with experts, particularly comedians, has been adopted to promote inclusive development of both the film and TV market and the comedy market.
Sun Yue
Cross talk:Cannot bear, Who’s the top?, I am a Singer, Rules
Movie: The Face of My Gene, Top Funny Comedian The Movie
TV drama:Joy Pedestrian Street, Bad student
Wang YuChao
Movie: Three body, Taxi Detective, Lost in Apocalypse
TV drama: The city of the family, Sisters, Memories of love
Monna Liu
Movie: The Monkey King, L Storm, P Storm
TV drama: Facing the Sea With Spring Blossoms, Baby Mom Baby Girl, No place to hide
Crystal Yang
Movie: Magic Tour, Xingang Story, Follow Me,My Queen
TV drama: Born in the 1970 s, The Thousand and One Nights, The Starry Night The Starry Sea
Zhao ZhenYu
TV drama: The Curious Journey of Chen Er-Gou, Cambrian Period, City of Memory loss
Movie: Cherry Blossom seven days
Drama: Somali pirates, The Earl of Wulongshan
Cao ZeHao
TV drama: Space Hero, Tang Dynasty Tour
Drama: A Midsummer Night's Dream, A Moon for the Misbegotten, Les fausses confidences
Kong LingLing
Movie: A Home with a View, Xing Xiong Shou Zha, Just Dance
TV drama: Miss Buyer, Qingnang Story Extra
Alvin Chao
Movie: Buddies in India, Detective Chinatwon
TV drama: The Young Huo Yuanjia 2, The King of Land Battle, Sea of Sand
Kang ZhengTao
Movie: My Sassy Girl 2, Just Another Margin, Werewolf Kill
TV drama: The Love of Hypanosis Extra, The Advisors Alliance, Days with stewardesses
Wu LiaoLiao
Movie: Legend Of The Naga Pearls, Ambans
TV drama: Sunsong, Orchid Lake, My Devil MasterⅢ
Drama: Who are the big stars?, Ruan Lingyu
Tian Chuan
Movie: Furious Golden Buddha, Puppet Game, No Place to Place
TV drama: Mukden Hotel, To Be With You, Cyclone Magician
Fa ZhiYuan
Movie: Dynasty Warriors, Save the Monkey King, Legend Of The Naga Pearls
TV drama: XuanYuan Sword, 24 hours in Chang'an, Ice Fantasy
Jacquline Ch'ng
Movie: Lost in Hong Kong, On His Majesty's Secret Service, From Vegas to Macau 3
TV drama: Heart and Greed 3, Graduation,bro!, My Ages Apart
Vanna Wang
Movie: Muye Battle, Monster Hunt 2, Thriller
TV drama: Meteor Garden, Princess Silver, The Story Of Zheng Yang Gate 2
Zang HuiLi
Movie: Biography of Shushan 2
Alvin Xia
Movie: Love,Revolution
TV drama: Chumosi
Drama: Wenwen, come down from the tree》
Li Lei
Movie: Voice of the Nation
Zhang Xintong