Song of Youth
Director: Zhang Luan
Screenwriter: Zhang Luan / Xu Wei
Starring: Yu Qian/ Tang MengJia /
Wang Guangyuan / Qin Mingyue / Xu Zili
Type: Feature

At No. 1 Middle School, Nansu, in 1985, Miao Wanqiu, a teacher, walks his bicycle onto campus with his head up, expecting to be admired and complimented by people. The unruly Luo Xiaoyi, gentle Anjing, trendy Guan Tingting, smart Naodai, smooth operators Wenming and Jianshe, inquisitive Haiyan, and profiteer HaozI feature in Class Three, a group full of stories. Miao Wanqiu cannot imagine how the class that he is about to enter will become a nightmare for him and his bicycle, and the class members certainly do not think that the new teacher can change their lives.