Hello Mr. Billionaire
Director: Yan Fei/ Peng Damo
Screenwriter: Yan Fei / Peng Damo /
Lin Bingbao
Starring: Shen Teng / Vivian Sung /
Zhang Yiming / Zhang Chenguang
Type: comedy

Wang Duoyu (Shen Teng), previously the goalkeeper of the third-division football team Daxiang in Xihong City, is fired by the coach because of his failure in a match. While fretting about this, Wang Duoyu suddenly receives an invitation from a mysterious person, Boss Jin (Zhang Chenguang), who tells him that he is the sole heir to the insurance tycoon Mr. Wang (Li Liqun), and offering him a legacy of up to 10 billion yuan! However, the unbelievable requirement is that he must spend one billion yuan in a month without letting people around him know about this restriction, or he will lose the inheritance outright. Wang Duoyu agrees without hesitation, and launches into a journey of spending money together with his friend Zhuang Qiang (Zhang Yiming) and the financial officer Xiazhu (Song Yihua). Seeking to become a billionaire, he enjoys the fun of being rich for the first time, but eventually finds that it is not necessarily easy to spend such a huge amount of money to a deadline!


Release date: July 27, 2018 (Mainland China)