Chasing The Dragon Ⅱ
Director: Wong Jing/ Jason Kwan Chi-Yu
Screenwriter: Wong Jing / Lui Koon Nam
Starring: Tony Leung / Louis Koo / Lam Ka Tung

Before the return of Hong Kong to China, the bandit Long Zhiqiang committed serious crimes repeatedly while the inaction of the British government in Hong Kong. He successively kidnaped Lis’and Leis’eldest son, extorted over 2 billion yuan. However, the victims of the crimes were too scared of the revenge to call the police after paying the ransom. The Ministry of Public Security of China extremely concerned this crime gang, cooperating with Hong Kong police to send the Hong Kong policeman He Tian as the undercover to sneak into the crime gang. He found that Long were planning to kidnap the son of a Macau billionaire, He Bufan. Finally, the mainland and Hong Kong police force to capture Long and save He.