Hidden Man
Director: Jiang Wen
Screenwriter: Jiang Wen / He Yiping /
Li Fei / Sun Yue / Zhang Beihai
Starring: Peng Yuyan / Liao Fan /
Jiang Wen / Zhou Yun/ Xu Qing
Type: Feature /Action

On the eve of the Marco Polo Bridge Incident, American Chinese youth Hendler (Peng Yuyan) returns to Peking from the United States, where he had been for more than a decade working as a doctor. His real name is Li Tianran, and at the age of thirteen, he witnessed his master's family being killed by his brother Zhu Qianlong (Liao Fan) and a Japanese man, Genben Yilang (Zetian Qianye). Tiran was lucky enough to be sent abroad by Dr Hendler, an American doctor, and he received rigorous training. Now he shoulders a secret mission in his homeland.

Dr Hendler and his son rent the house of a mysterious man called Lan Qingfeng (Jiang Wenshi), who had been a participant in the 1911 Revolution and who had close ties with Zhu Qianlong, the present police chief. They encourage Li Tianran to kill Genben Yilang, but though the vengeful Li Tianran finds his foe, his father stops him from taking the risk of revenge. Throughout this process, the social butterfly Tang Fengyi (Xu Qing) and the tailor Guan Qiaohong (Zhou Yun) become involved in the men's intrigue, until the July 7 Incident breaks out, making it time to solve all conflicts.

Release date: July 17, 2018(Mainland China)


The 55th Golden Horse Award (2018): Best Action Design

The 1st Hainan International Film Festival: Best Screenplay Adaption