Operation Red Sea
Director: Dante Lam
Screenwriter: Feng Ji /
Chen Zhuzhu / Lin MingJie
Starring: Zhang Yi / Huang Jingyu/
Hai Qing / Du Jiang /Yin Fang
Type: Action / War

The film is based on the Yemen evacuation incident.

The Republic of Ivia is a Middle East country suffering from an upgrading of armed conflict. A Linyi Navy frigate, which has just completed the rescue mission in Somalia, receives an order to carry out the evacuation mission in Ivia, and its Captain, Gao Yun (Zhang Hanyu) arranges for Jiaolong commandos, led by Yang Rui (Zhang Yi) to land in the theatre of operations to escort overseas Chinese people to safety. However, the terrorist organization Zaka forces the evacuated troops into the crossfire zone, making a fierce battle inevitable. Meanwhile, French-Chinese journalist Xia Nan (Hai Qing) has uncovered the fact that Dr William Burson has been dealing in nuclear materials in Ivia, as Zaka attacks his company to steal those nuclear materials. In the melee, a Chinese employee in the company is taken hostage, and to rescue the hostage, eight Jiaolong soldiers must sneak into the location past 150 terrorists. These soldiers are a monument to all Chinese soldiers thanks to their beliefs and courage.


Release date: Feb 16, 2018 (Mainland China)


The 34th Chinese Hundred Flowers Award (2018): Best Feature Film, Best Director, Best Male Supporting Role, Best Female Supporting Role, Best New Artist Award

The 17th China Huabiao Film Award (2018): Excellent Feature Film Award, Outstanding Director Award

The 8th Beijing International Film Festival (2018): Tiantan Award for Best Visual Effects Award

The 14th China Changchun Film Festival (2018): Goldeer Award for Best Chinese Feature Film, Best Actress in Supporting Role, Best Photography Award

The 25th Beijing Undergraduate Film Festival (2018): Best Film Award