Director: Siu Fai Mak
Producer: Felix Chong, Huang Bin
Starring : Sean Andy / Nick Cheung /
Karena Lam/Anita Yuen/Alex Fong Chung Sun
Type : Detective /Crime

A serious bribery case arising in domestic sales, which has been under investigation for many years, is interrupted for a week, due to the main person accused, Chen Chaoqun (Head of Lida Trading Group), absconding, compounded by a refusal to testify by the main witness and whistle-blower, Xu Zhiyao (Former CFO of Lida Trading Group), who is played by Nick Cheung. In order to take the case to trial after the seven-day hiatus, days, the ICAC launches comprehensive action to address the issues. Chen Jingci (played by Sean Andy) is the captain in charge of the case and Jiang Xue’er (Karena Lam) is placed in charge of searching for  additional witnesses; these two, previously a couple despite their work for ICAC, have been separated for a long time, but have to work together to further the case. In the process of arresting Chen Chaoqun and searching for Xu Zhiyao, the couple accidentally discover the existence of another layer of intrigue hidden behind them. The unravelling of the first mystery is simply the opening of another mystery, and the layers of conspiracy behind this second issue are beyond imagination. What is the truth underlying the conspiracy?


Release date: Feb 5, 2019 (Mainland China)